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Special Option Tour

Southern Oregon Vacation

before PNSA at Coos Bay/North Bend

The Hillah Nobles and Ladies live in what we think is one of the most beautiful parts of PNSA. We know you feel the same way as us about where you live but it is our turn to show you our neighborhood with hopes you will do the same in future Summer PNSA Vacations.

Hillah has 6 clubs. Coos Bay and Florence are hosting the actual 2019 Summer PNSA. The other 4 clubs are inviting you to their communities so you can get a large dose of local brotherhood and sisterhood, and you will also get a tour by the Nobles of their local area.

Vacation Rules:

  1. You must be registered for the actual 2019 Summer PNSA in Coos Bay before you can participate in the Southern Oregon Vacation.

  2. The local Clubs, at no cost to you, will host a dinner so you can break bread with the local Nobles and their Ladies. All other costs will be at your expense.

  3. Restaurant list for the following day provided at each dinner location.

  4. If you plan to stay at an RV Campground make your reservations early! They fill up fast.

  5. If you plan on fishing you will need a license.

  6. If you have a question or problem before or during your trip, call Lance on his cell phone: 541-891-4843.

  7. Most of all, have fun!

Be flexible with the vacation. You will have choices to make as we go through the tour. You can pick and chose the Clubs you wish to visit, the tours you wish to attend or, you can do everything. This is not a job…it is a vacation. So let’s get started.

For those who bring RV’s without a tow car we will be able to provide transportation to the club activities when you visit. Carpooling is a great way to cut down on the number of vehicles involved and will make the tour easier to manage. It will also help if each vehicle has someone with a National Park card in it when entering the parks.

Bring your National Park Card because you are going to go to Crater Lake, Lava Beds National Monument and the Oregon Caves. If you are 62 or older there is a Life Time Senior pass for $80 US; please see the web link below on how to purchase one. I recommend you getting the Senior Pass (Use to be call the Golden Age Pass) as it is $30US per car for Crater Lake and $25US per car for the Lava Beds, and if you go to any other park with a car in the future you will have paid for your Senior Pass.


There is no vehicle charge to enter the Oregon Caves just tour fees for going into the caves. If you do have your Senior Pass you will save $5 US per person for the tour, with the card. Please see the link below for cost of tours.


If you are not 62 there is an $80 annual fee for a National Parks card which can be used per vehicle, but unless you are going to another park in 2019 I recommend you pay the individual park fees as you enter. (Wouldn’t that be nice to have most of us Shriners under the age of 62 and NOT be able to get a Senior Pass?)

Schedule of Events!!

Tuesday, July 16th

                Your Host Douglas County Shrine Club

12:00 pm Meet Lance & Bernice and Douglas County Shrine Club President Tom Michaels & Lady Joan at S. Umpqua Masonic Lodge ( 5th& Pine St. in Canyonville) to take a tour of the town, See the Masonic Lodge and other items of interest.

6:00 pm Hospitality Oasis followed by Dinner at the South Umpqua Masonic Lodge 5thand Pine St. provided by Hillah Temple”s Wrecking Crew and Douglas County Shrine Club

RV Parks:

Seven Feathers RV Resort – 325 Quintioosa Blvd. Canyonville OR

Stanton Park - 541-839-4483 – 1540 Stanton Park Rd, Canyonville OR

Douglas County Fairgrounds RV Park – 211 Ofrear Street, Roseburg OR

Hotels and Motels:

Seven Feathers Casino Resort – 146 Chief Miwaleta Lane, Canyonville OR

Holiday Inn Express & Suites – 200 Creekside Dr., Canyonville OR

Sleep Inn & Suites – 2855 NW Edenbower Blvd., Roseburg OR

Wednesday, July 17th

6:00 am: Go fishing on the Umpqua River with a guide. No promises. It is still fishing and you will be getting up earlier than 9am. If you fish let us know so we won’t expect to see you for the tours. (List of river guides is available) If you are not a fisherman, sleep in.

9:30am: Meet to tour Wildlife Safari 1790 Safari Rd. Winston OR

12:00 pm No Host lunch.

1:00 pm: Umpqua Valley Wine Tour

5:00 pm: Wine tour over and you are on your own for the rest of the evening.

Thursday, July 18th

8:00am: Meet to travel the scenic N. Umpqua River (many dramatic waterfalls including Steamboat, Toketee, Deadline, Whitehorse, and Lemolo Falls) to Crater Lake and on to Klamath Falls.

1:00 pm Meet at Crater Lake Rim Village (S Rim Overlook)

Your Host Klamath & Lake County Shrine Club

6:00 pm Meet Klamath and Lake County Shrine Club President Corky Kujawski and his crew for Dinner at Crest Park - 3801 Hilyard Ave., Klamath Falls, ORKlamath Falls for Hospitality and dinner provided by the Klamath and Lake County Shrine Club.

RV Parks:

Klamath Falls KOA - 3435 Shasta Way Klamath Falls, Oregon

Tingley Lake Estates RV Park - 11800 Tingley Ln Klamath Falls, Oregon 

Hotels and Motels:

Cerulen Hotel – 100 Main St. Klamath Falls OR (Special $70 rate)

Shilo Inn – 2500 Almond St. Klamath Falls OR

Friday, July 19th

6:00 am Go fishing on the Willimson River with a Guide (list of Guides is available). If you fish let us know so we won’t expect to see you for the tour. If you are not a fisherman, sleep in.

8:00 am: Special Historic Tour given by Lance and Bernice Lesueur of the Lava Beds National Monument, Modoc War Battlefield, caves with easy spelunking, German POW Camp, Japanese American Internment Camp and the Klamath Irrigation Project PLUS a lot of talking by your favorite tour guide.

1:00 pm Lunch will be a picnic with box lunches so we will need to get your orders taken at the dinner the night before.

6:00 pm: Tour over and you are on your own for dinner.

7:00 pm: Optional visit the Marine Corps League and Lance will buy you the first beer.

Saturday, July 20th

8:00 am: Leave for the Collier Logging Museum and Fort Klamath for a tour of Hillah Past Potentate Bill Nicholson’s Private Museum.

1:00 pm: Lunch TBD

2:00 pm: Drive to Grants Pass:

Your Host Josephine County Shrine Club

6:00 pm Meet for Hospitality and Dinner at Grants Pass Masonic Lodge 320 NW E St. Grants Pass OR. Your Host will be Josephine County Shrine Club President: George Trahern and Hillah Oriental Guide John Rall.

RV Parks:

Rogue Valley Overnighters – 1896 NW 6thSt., Grants Pass 541-479-2208

Bridgeview RV – 8880 Rogue River Hwy., Grants Pass 541-582-5980

Hotels and Motels:

Knight’s Inn Motel – 104 SE 7thSt. Grants Pass, OR 541-479-5595

Redwood Hyperion Motel – 815 NE 6thSt. Grants Pass, OR 541-476-0878

Sunday, July 21st

6:00 am Go fishing on the Rogue River with a Guide (list of Guides is available). If you fish let us know so we won’t expect to see you for the tours. Be sure to be back for the Jetboat excursion. If you are not a fisherman, sleep in.

9:00 am: Tour of the Grants Pass Area including Pottsville, Applegate Trail Museum and the Downtown area.

12:00 pm: No Host Lunch

1:00 pm: Sporting Clays at Josephine County Shooting Park. Please bring your own shotgun if you have one. If you are Canadian or don’t have one we will provide you one.

4:00 pm: Rogue River Jet Boat Excursion which will include dinner at the OK Corral. Cost per person is $67.50 (unless we get 25 or more people attending, then we will get a discount).

Following the jetboat ride, you are on your own for the rest of the evening.

Monday, July 22nd

9:00 am: Leave for the Oregon Caves National Monument in Cave Junction OR. Reservations must be made for the cave tour. Details to follow.


2:00 pm: Leave Oregon Caves for Brookings OR.

Your Host Chetco Shrine Club

6:00 pm Dinner and Dessert at Sidney Croft Lodge, 416 Azalea Park Road, Brookings OR provided by President John O’Hara and the other members of the Chetco Shrine Club.

7:30 pm: Join some of the Chetco Club members at their favorite local watering hole for liquid refreshment.

RV Parks:

At Rivers Edge RV Resort – 98203 S. Bank Chetco River Road, Harbor OR 541-469-3356

Chetco RV Park – 16117 Highway 101 South, Harbor OR 541-469-3863

Sea Bird RV Park – 16429 Highway 101 South, Harbor OR 541-469-3512

Hotels and Motels:

Beachfront Inn – 16008 Boat Basin Road, Harbor OR 541-469-7779

Harbor Inn Motel – 15991 Highway 101 South, Harbor 541-469-3194

Ocean Suites Motel – 16045 Lower Harbor Road, Harbor 541-469-4004

Portside Suites – 16220 Lower Harbor Road, Harbor 541-469-7100

Tuesday, July 23rd

6:00 am: Go ocean fishing. (List of boats is available.) If you are not a fisherman, sleep in.

8:00 am: Head to Crescent City for a tour and see a boat building operation.

12:00 pm: No host Lunch in Crescent City or Trees of Mystery.

1:00 pm: Drive through Redwood National and State Parks to the Trees of Mystery.

6:00 pm: Tour will over and you are on your own for the rest of the evening.

Wednesday, July 24th

Drive to PNSA in Coos Bay/North Bend Oregon

Take US Highway 101 all the way. This drive features some of the most beautiful and dramatic coastal scenery in the country.

Just north of Brookings you enter the Samuel Boardman Corredor. This is a State Park with outstanding views of the ocean and the rocky shoreline. Signs identify the best views.

Humbug Mountain is another beautiful State Park. To get the most out of it, you have to be a hiker.

Port Orford is one of the earliest settlements on the Oregon Coast The harbor does not provide much protection for the fishing fleet and so the boats are hauled up on to the dock by giant cranes. It is a nice place to have lunch.

Bandon by the Sea. A beautiful old town with it own lighthouse across the river and a very scenic Beach Loop Drive.

Coos Bay and North Bend. The Mill Casino Hotel and RV Resort is located right on Highway 101 where Coos Bay and North Bend meet. Your at PNSA!

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